Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan

I have not made a meal plan in a very long time. This needs to change because it's such a waste of time going between the pantry, freezer and refrigerator trying to figure out what sounds good for dinner. And starting in January I made this process even harder by starting weight watchers to shed a few pounds. With a meal plan in mind I can better plan how I'll "spend" my points. So here it is, this week's meal plan.

Sunday: Dan had a steak and we both had a salad (mine had diced Quorn "chicken") and we split a baked potato
Monday: Rosa beans with pumpkin, rice and grilled tofu
Tuesday: Black bean burgers with grilled asparagus
Wednesday: Tacos or Healthy Nachos made with homemade baked chips
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: Vegetarian soup TBD with Grilled Cheese
Saturday: Homemade Ravioli with a salad

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